What’s this all about?


Another jewelry-porn and fashion blog? Old news. We agree, and that’s why Forest and Fiber is different.

Social media has fostered an environment of scrolling and clicking with no context. A reactionary process where a thing is to be “appreciated” for a split second so that we can appropriate it into our internet persona via a “Like” or a “Pin” and move onto the next. No wonder everyone feels like they have ADD. Most fashion and jewelry blogs, as amazing as the writing may be, only discuss aesthetics. No process, no construction, no information about the materials, and no behind the scenes with creators. We want more, and we decided to do what we do best: make it.

We’re not about things that are just pretty.

Aesthetic is very important, but it’s only a portion of the total package. We want the objects that we adore and decorate ourselves with to have a story. We want to feel the intent of a process rather than the result of an assembly line. We want to know that hands have created something for our benefit and the benefit of the maker.

We appreciate objects which are important enough to spend part of a human lifetime crafting them.

We want to see good design and construction and we want to know who made it. It must wear well, be made well, and be beautiful, and we’ll discuss these things as we describe the work we feature and interact with those who’ve created it.

Mass production has its place, and we do intend to periodically cover well designed and beautiful pieces from popular designers and fashion houses. However, we believe that hand making is an important part of human culture and that the artistic vision, passion, problem solving skills and innovative thinking that characterizes makers should be appreciated and preserved in light of the overabundance of everything else.

It is not our goal to counter “production culture” with “making culture,” but simply to preserve and celebrate those things we hold dear.



Forest and Fiber is Jared and Suzanne Karnes, a pair of married makers with a love for hand made body jewelry and clothing.

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