Our Work: Pentaflowers + Fluorite


What is it?

A custom project involving hand-carved ebony flowers with rainbow fluorite inlays in a backless brass setting with lotus petal detail. Created by Jared Karnes of Forest + Fiber and Onetribe.

Maker’s Notes

My customer had not been specific about the flower shape so I was excited to try something new and fell in love with this 5-petal pentagonal shape. The Gabon Ebony tunnels used as blanks for carving were created to my specifications by James Ginnell, my head woodturner at Onetribe. The petals come to points and have a slight inward slope to move the focus toward the center. This was my first project involving a backless setting this large and I wanted to do something unique. I decided to fabricate a setting that would pinch the stone at five points to follow the lines of the flower and continued the theme through to the rear, where five petals gracefully bend outward following the curve of the wood and securing the setting. The fluorite simply glows when light passes through the interior of the pieces, and the front and back details came together wonderfully to create a special set of jewelry that my customer cherishes.



Forest and Fiber is Jared and Suzanne Karnes, a pair of married makers with a love for hand made body jewelry and clothing.

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