Swoon: Dust of Stars Crown


What you’re looking at.

Natural quartz point and hammered/wrapped wire crown.

Who made it.

Gillian Chadwick of Elemental Child

Why we love it.

BECAUSE IT’S A CROWN! Seriously though, we adore this thing! It’s simply gorgeous. If you ever find yourself in need of a tiara, don’t settle for one of those plastic things. Rock it like you mean it.

These wonderful pieces are created by hand one at a time by Gillian from crystals and non-precious metal wire (to avoid the terror it would be to polish, although precious metals are available on request). This piece, “In the Dust of the Stars,” features raw clear quartz points wrapped against a hammered metal armature. Six torch-like filigree cones raise quartz points which create a wonderful tiered aesthetic.

We can’t help closing our eyes and thinking back to books and films like ‘The Neverending Story’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and the mystery and sense of adventure we felt. While it may be a very specific set of circumstances under which one might wear a crown, we’d certainly be enamored by anyone rocking this creative and beautiful piece.


Forest and Fiber is Jared and Suzanne Karnes, a pair of married makers with a love for hand made body jewelry and clothing.

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