Swoon: ‘Fracture’ flares in silver + titanium

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.25.57 PM

What you’re looking at.

22mm silver ear flares with anodized and carved titanium inlays

Who made it.

Ryan Holandes of Meriken Metals

Why we love it.

WE LOVE TITANIUM. Sorry, we had to get that out. We know Ryan from Meriken Metals personally, and he’s a hella nice guy and an awesome craftsman. He is really the only person right now using titanium decoratively and he’s got it nailed with many of his new designs. The deep color of the anodization, the geometric markings and the beautiful silver “royal flare” all come together wonderfully. We’re big nerds for light play in jewelry and these bounce those sexy waves/particles/physics all over the place.


Forest and Fiber is Jared and Suzanne Karnes, a pair of married makers with a love for hand made body jewelry and clothing.

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